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Based in East Kent, Jeremy McCabe has 30 years experience with all arable crops.>

We Offer an efficient, quality spraying service along with a fertilising service.

Using trained staff and modern machinery that is GPS monitored and controlled, we ensure that our services are second to none.

We are also fully BASIS and FACTS qualified.

We currently offer Whole Farm spray contracts as well as daily bookings when either farm workload gets too great or a specialised machine is required.

Our machine working widths are available from 12, 18, 20, 21, 24, 30, 32 and 36 metres and a range of track widths from 60’’ – 90” for LGP and high clearance spraying.

Granular pesticides can be applied including Avadex which can be applied at 12 or 18 metres with either an Agribuggy fitted with Horstine TMA4 or  a tractor mounted Kuhn Aero 2218.




Solar Services

We are specialists in


LGP & High Clearance Spraying  ●  Fertiliser Application  ●  Slug Pelleting  ●  Granular Pesticide Application  ●  Boundary Spraying & Weed Wiping

Our Potato service

In a recent diversification, we now offer a contract potato growing service involving  planting, spraying, harvesting and grading.

We also offer a full a agronomy and growing service in conjunction with Provenance Potatoes.