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We offer a variety of services from conventional spraying across a wide range of sites and fertilising to a dedicated potato service.




Solar Services

Conventional Spraying

Each machine is equipped with a comprehensive range of nozzles to suit any individual spraying application and water volumes ranging from 100 – 1000+ litres per hectare

On site water supplies increase our productivity, however we also operate water tankers where water is not readily available for the spraying operation. The water is sourced from indirect mains supply and collected rain water.

Good communication and accurate field maps with clear recommendations are the key to our successful operation. For every application the operator is given a detailed map and a copy of the Agronomist’s recommendation.

With the aid of Muddy Boots, the recommendation becomes the job card where application data is recorded after job completion. Sprayer wash out procedures are recorded on previous and following job cards to ensure traceability.

Our machines are capable of working on a range of wheel widths. LGP tyres (Low Ground Pressure) are used during winter months to aid travelling and reduce compaction. We currently run with a variety of row crop tyres to reduce crop damage and bed erosion during the spring and summer months.

Full servicing and break down cover are provided 24 hours during peak periods. As part of the voluntary initiative each machine holds a valid NSTS certificate.

Micro Granules

Using Pneumatic Boom Spreaders

Micro granule applications using Horstine Farmery TMA4 applicator and  Kuhn pneumatic spreader are available.

Products applied using Horstine Farmery TMA4 each time and Kuhn Aero spreader:

  • Nematicides – Vydate, Mocap. (These products require soil incorporation at time of application)
  • Herbicides – Avadex 15G

Solid Fertiliser Application

A KRM twin spinning disc applicator is available to spread your solid fertilisers.

The spreading width can be varied from 12 metres to a maximum of 30 metres depending on type of product and rate applied.

Headland rate control means the application rate will be uniform right up to the field boundary.

Customers can load hopper themselves, providing they have suitable equipment available or loading can be provided as part of the application package.

High work rates are achievable with this equipment to get your fertiliser spread quickly and on time.

Slug Pellets

Our conventional wet sprayers are fitted with spinning disc granular applicators, which enable slug pellets to be applied at the same time as conventional liquid spray applications.

ATV quad bikes are fitted with a spinning disc applicator for in crop applications, particularly where ground conditions may be wet and other, heavier equipment would be unable to operate.

Our Potato service

In a recent diversification, we now offer a contract potato growing service involving  planting, spraying, harvesting and grading.

We also offer a full a agronomy and growing service in conjunction with Provenance Potatoes.